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More than any other method, God has chosen the giving of the saints to advance His plan for the redemption of the world. Partnership Development isn’t a means to an end, but rather the model established by God to integrate the goers and senders to complete the Great Commission. Please watch this short video for a formal introduction from Rob Parker on Partnership Development.

The Online Course and How to Register

The online course is a robust program consisting of 14 lessons with 22 videos, lesson notes, homework assignments, and supplemental resources for the missionary who is serious about developing their own partnership campaign.

You can register for the Free Version or the Paid Version.

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Free Resources

  • Letter Templates
  • Defining Your Vision
  • Telling the Story
  • CRM Software

Resources Available Upon Registration:

  • Roleplay videos
  • Roleplay scenarios
  • Various approaches to Presentation
  • Building a Campaign
  • Expanding Your Contact List


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